A New Meaning to Volvo 

A New Meaning to Volvo

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Volvo is once again honoring real-life heroes across America with its Volvo for Life Awards -- an annual event wherein winners are given $50,000 while finalists are awarded $25,000.

For the coming 5th Anniversary Awards which will be held on 2007, Volvo is inviting America itself to take part on the judging. The American public may visit Volvo’s web site for life awards to cast their votes. Each of the nominees has their own heroic stories to tell and the voting public is welcome to access them on the site.

The list of finalists will be narrowed down to three winners which will be judge by a panel of distinguished personalities namely Hank Aaron, Sen. Bill Bradley, Caroline Kennedy, Maya Lin, Paul Newman, Dr. Sally Ride, Val Kilmer, Eunice Kennedy Shriver and by other previous Volvo life awardees.

The awarding ceremony will commence in New York where Volvo’s 5th Anniversary Awards will be held. And as icing on the cake Volvo will award the grand winner with a lease on a new Volvo every three years for the rest of their lives.

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